Chinese Zodiac Song (mandarin version)

Chinese Zodiac Song (mandarin version)

New words:

New words Pinyin Translation Phonetic Translation
生肖 shēng xiào zodiac shun shao
shǔ rat shoo
niú ox neu
tiger hoo
rabbit too
lóng dragon long
shé snake sher
horse maa
yáng sheep yung
hóu monkey hoe
rooster gee
gǒu dog goe
zhū pig joo


Notes for teaching:

The Zodiac is essential to understanding Chinese culture. The Chinese Zodiac song simply puts the Zodiac with animals’ names. The Zodiac takes 12 years as a cycle, 2021 is the year of ox, so, if you were born in 2005, that is the year of rooster, 2006 is the year of dog, 2007 is the year of pig.


Degree of difficulty: *****