Colours Song

Colours Song

New words:

New words Pinyin Translation Phonetic Translation
colour s-uh
红色 hóng sè red hong s-uh
绿色 lǜ sè green l-u (u as in Luke

fluke) s-uh

黄色 huáng sè yellow hwah-ng s-uh
蓝色 lán sè blue lan s-uh
紫色 zĭ sè purple z-uh s-uh
橙色 chéng sè orange chung s-uh
黑色 hēi sè black hey s-uh
白色 bái sè white bye s-uh
灰色 huī sè grey hwey s-uh


Notes for teaching:

This song has many possibilities for interaction. For example, students can be split into groups. One group can sing the song while the other group draws a picture of a rainbow on the whiteboard. The teacher can print an image of a rainbow and ask students to name the colours in mandarin.


Degree of difficulty: ****