Family Song

Family Song

New words:

New words Pinyin Translation Phonetic translation
jiā family jee-ah
爸爸 bà ba dad bah bah
妈妈 mā ma mother mama
哥哥 gē ge old brother guh guh
弟弟 dì di younger brother dee dee
姐姐 jiĕ jie old sister jee-eh jee-eh
妹妹 mèi mei younger sister may may
爷爷 yé ye grandpa yeah yeah
奶奶 năi nai grandma n-eye n-eye
叔叔 shū shu uncle shoo shoo
婶婶 shěn shen untie sh-en sh-en
我爱 wǒ aì I love w-aw eye
我的家 wǒ de jiā my family w-aw dee jee-ah
我爱我的家 wǒ aì wǒ de jiā I love my family w-aw eye w-aw dee jee-ah


Notes for teaching:

This song is suggested for teaching in two sessions. The teacher can teach the song in the form of a Chinese and English question and answer. For example, the teacher reads Chinese, and the students answer in English.


Degree of difficulty: ****