Hello Song

Hello Song


New words:

New words Pin yin Translation Phonetic Translation
你好 nĭ ho hello nee how
对不起 duì bù qĭ sorry d-way boo chi
谢谢 xiè xiè thank you shi-eh shi-eh (eh syllable is higher in pitch)
再见 zài jiàn goodbye z-eye g-en


Notes for teaching:

This is a wonderful song for mandarin Chinese beginners starting their journal for learning Mandarin Chinese. It uses the melody of Classical French song ‘Frère Jacques’, put the English word before Chinese, easy to remember and sing for both children and adults.


When singing the song, the actions are accompanied by the song (hello, thank you, and goodbye, see details in video), the children can stand in two lines face to face and singing with actions to each other.


With the learners getting familiar with the song, teachers can teach the song in Canon, build up different parts, make up harmonies and enjoy singing the song!