If You Are Happy And You Know It

If you are happy and you know it

New words:

New words Pin yin Translation Phonetic Translation
如果 rú guǒ if Roo gwo
感到 gǎn dào to feel Gan dow
幸福 xìng fú happy shing foo
you nee
jiù in that case; at once; right away; jew
拍拍手 pāi pāi shǒu


to clap one’s hands Pie pie show
跺跺脚 duò duò jiǎo



Stamp your feet Dwoo dwoo jeow
伸伸腰 shēn shēn yāo


to stretch waist Shen shen yeow
挤挤眼 jǐ jǐ yǎn



to wink Gee gee yan
拍拍肩 pāi pāi jiān to pat shoulder Pie pie jee-an


Notes for teaching:

This is an action song. The melody of the song is from a popular children’s song: “If you are happy and you know it”, and translated into Chinese.


Degree of difficulty: