Mandarin Tones Song

Mandarin Tones Song


New words:

New words Pinyin Tone and pitch Translation
T1 high and flat mother
T2 rising yes?
T3 falling and rising horse
falling scold


Notes for teaching:

The above form provides a basic concept of Chinese tones. There are four tones in Mandarin, first tone, second tone, third tone and fourth tone, with a neutral tone which has no pitch. With singing the Tones Song, the actions were suggested in putting together with singing the music.


Hands up ready to sing: put all hands up

Hmm-ma-hmm-ma-, first tone, hand up to head and Draw a horizontal line

Yes? Ma? Yes? Ma? hand start from a lower position of the body, diagonally above draw a line to a higher position.


mm-hmm ma, mm-hmm ma, draw a “tick” in front of the body.


hmm! Ma! Hmm! Ma! Hand start from a higher position of the body, diagonally below draw a line a lower position.