Measure word song

Measure word song

  New words:

New words Pin yin translation Phonetic translation
一个人 yī gè rén one person ee gur ren
一本书 yī běn shū a book ee ben shoo
一块蛋糕 yī kuài dàn gāo a piece of cake ee kwai dan gow
一杯茶 yī  bēi chá a cup of tea ee bay char
一条狗 Yī  tiáo gǒu a dog ee ti-ow go
一只猫 yī zhī māo


a cat ee zhir mao
一辆汽车 yī liàng qì chē a car ee li-ang chi cher
一艘船 yī sōu chuán a boat/ ship ee sew chwan

Notes for teaching:

Measure word are words that express the unit of quantity of people, object or actions. In English, it is not very often to use measure word, but some of the special noun will appear with the measure word, such as: five head of cattle, ten stem of roses, etc.


Degree of difficulty: ***