Numbers song

Numbers song

New words:

New words Pinyin translation Phonetic translation
yī (1) one ee
èr (2) two ar (emphasize r sound)
sān (3) three san
sì (4) four s-uh
wǔ (5) five w-oooh
liù (6) six lee-oh
qī (7) seven chee
bā (8) eight baa
jiǔ (9) nine jee-yo
shí (10) ten sh-i
zhī measure word j-i
māo cat m-oww
miāo meowing sound meow

Notes for teaching:

Though the melody of this song is straightforward, be careful with the pronunciation of Number 4; children will pronounce it like “see “, instead of “sì”.

Once the students know how to speak 1-10 in mandarin, the days of the weeks and the months of the year will become so simple! These words are comprised by the pronunciation of the week followed by the numbers 1-6 apart from Sunday. The same is also true for the months of the year.


Degree of difficulty: ***


Expanded content:

Days of the week:

New words Pin yin translation Phonetic translation
星期一 xīng qī yī Monday shing chee ee
星期二 xīng qī èr Tuesday shing chee ar
星期三 xīng qī sān Wednesday shing chee san
星期四 xīng qī sì Thursday shing chee s-uh
星期五 xīng qī wǔ Friday shing chee w-oooh
星期六 xīng qī liù Saturday shing chee lee-oh
星期日 xīng qī rì Sunday shing chee rihh


Months of the year:

New words Pin yin translation Phonetic translation
一月 yī yuè January ee you-eah
二月 èr yuè February ar you-eah
三月 sān yuè March san you-eah
四月 sì yuè April s-uh you-eah
五月 wǔ yuè May w-oooh you-eah
六月 liù yuè June lee-oh you-eah
七月 qī yuè July chee you-eah
八月 bā yuè August baa you-eah
九月 jiǔ yuè September jee-yo you-eah
十月 shí yuè October sh-i you-eah
十一月 shí yī yuè November sh-i ee you-eah
十二月 shí èr yuè December sh-i ar you-eah