What Do Animals Say

What do animals say?

New words:

New words Pinyin Translation Phonetic Translation
小狗 xiǎo gǒu puppy Xiow go
māo cat Xiow mao
老鼠 lǎo shǔ rat; mouse l-ao shoo
chicken Jee
zhū pig zhoo
é goose er
鸭子 yā zi duck Yah ze
yáng Sheep; goat yung
niǎo bird neow
青蛙 qīng wā frog Ching wa
蜜蜂 mì fēng bee Mee fung
鸽子 gē zi pigeon Ger ze
horse ma
狮子 shī zi lion Sher ze
大灰狼 dà huī láng wolf Da hway lung
老虎 lǎo hǔ tiger La-ow hoo


Notes for teaching:

The melody of the song is from a famous English rhythm: “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. The lyrics are made by the names of animals and the sound these animals make. It is worth to mention that Chinese animals have different sound performance, but many of the best are very similar. No matter which country/region you are in, animals of the same kind will communicate by making the same sounds, but different countries may have different ways of representing sounds. Such as:

Animal International Phonetic Alphabet Chinese Pinyin
Frog Croak croak[krəʊkkrəʊk] [gua gua]呱呱
Duck Quark quark[kwakkwak] [ga ga]嘎噶
mouse Squeak squeak[skwi:kskwi:k] [Zhi zhi]吱吱
Chick Cheap cheap[cheep] [ji ji]叽叽
Sheep Baa baa[baabaa] [mie mie]咩咩
Dog Warf warf[warf warf] [wang wang]汪汪
Bee Buzz buzz[buzz buzz] [weng weng weng]嗡嗡嗡




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