Where are you from

Where are you from?

New words:

New words Pinyin Translation Phonetic translation
n which nar
guó country gwor
rén name ren
ta he tar
英国 yīng guó England yiing gwor
英国人 yīng guó rén British yiing gwor ren
中国 Zhōng guó China zhong gwor
中国人 Zhōng guó rén Chinese zhong gwor ren
你是哪国人? nǐ shì nǎ guó rén Where are you from? (which country are you from?)  nee shir nar gwor ren
我是英国人 wǒ shì yīng guó rén I’m from the UK wor shir yiing gwor ren
我是中国人 wǒ shì zhōng guó rén I’m from China wor shir zhong gwor ren


Notes for teaching:

The melody of the song is based on the four tones of Mandarin. It can aid students with tone awareness. Teachers can make this song as a conversation.


Degree of difficulty: