Music and Intercultural Practice: Online Symposium

University of Hull, 29-30 April 2021


Keynote speakers

Professor Lily Chen-Hafteck (University of California, USA)

Professor Laudan Nooshin (City University, UK) & Professor Amanda Bayley (Bath Spa University, UK)

Dr Arla Good (Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada)

Dr Fang Liu (University of Reading, UK)


This symposium includes presentations and performances that explore the topic of interculturality and music practice. Interculturality is about the interaction of cultures; it might be regarded as a practice through which individuals from different cultures learn more about their own culture and the culture of others. This is a key theme that underpins the work of the Chinese Whispers™ Project at the University of Hull.


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Meeting ID: 486 462 5324
Password: 81ycPy


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MusicICP Abstract Booklet

Symposium Programme


Apr 29 2021

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